So what does Depot CrossFit stand for in the midst of all the CrossFit gyms around?  Why should you choose us over others?  To answer that, I’d like to tell you about the three Cs at the heart of what we’re trying to build:  Coaching, Community, and Competition.


You’ve all heard stories of inexperienced CrossFit trainers who spent a weekend course getting their certification and immediately opened their own gym. These are the types of places that give CrossFit gyms a bad name, and we wanted to avoid that rap at all costs. Quality coaching will be a cornerstone at Depot CrossFit. We value learning, knowledge and experience in our coaches. We believe that the more places a person can get knowledge from, the more tools they’ll have to draw from to transfer that knowledge on to clients. Between our 5 trainers, we have a total of 17 fitness certifications. We’ve also trained under and with some of the best and biggest names in the business, including Sean Waxman, Kris Clever, Dusy Hyland, Sean Rigsby, Becca Voigt, Andrea Ager, Andy Thompson and more. Just because we’re teaching others doesn’t mean that we stop learning, and our quest for knowledge will never end.


One of our favorite things about CrossFit is the community that builds up around it. Spend enough time in a CrossFit gym, and you’ll find that most of your best friends are people that you’ve met while sharing sweat. (Sounds weird, but it’s true!) We all hang out together inside the gym and outside the gym! Your CrossFit gym should be a safe place, a haven, a “home away from home”. Kinda like Cheers, this is a place where everybody knows your name. :-) To foster that feeling of community, Depot CrossFit will hold several “outside the box” events each month. These events are purely social in nature and a way for members to get to know each other outside of their Reebok’s and Lululemons.


For those who are interested, CrossFit can be not only a great way to get in shape, but also a competitive sport. No matter the level of competition (from newbies to elite athlete), CrossFit competitions are pure fun! They also evoke that spirit of “team” that is so often missing from our adult lives. For those athletes that are interested in taking their CrossFit training to the next level, whether that be by entering beginner levels at local competitions or aspiring for competition on the biggest stage at the CrossFit Games, we want to help you reach those goals.The above info is just a starting point.  The best way to learn about us is to come in for a workout, and meet the trainers.  We offer a free introductory class for prospective new members.  Click here for details and to schedule your first session!

January 8, 2014 The Rabbott

3 rounds for time: 20 T2B 35 Hand release push ups 50 Air squats

January 8, 2014 The Chief

5 rounds. Each round do AMRAP in 3 minutes. One minute rest between rounds. 3 Power Cleans 135#/...

January 4, 2014 E-Rock

AMRAP in 25 minutes of: 10 Clean and Jerk 95#/65# 15 C2B pullups 50 double unders

December 31, 2013 Elizabeth

10 Strict handstand push-ups 15 Strict ring dips 20 Strict push-ups 45 Strict pull-ups

December 29, 2013 WOD

100 Double-Unders 20 Toes to Bar 20 Power Clean & Push Jerks 50Kg/35Kg 75 Double-Unders 15 Po...

January 6, 2013 WOD

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of: 8 Toes to bar 35 pound Dumbbell thruster, ...

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Teen Cross Train

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